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What is it about?

You protect innovations most efficiently through publication. A new design becomes an "unregistered Community design" by publication under EU law. Technical or other innovations become prior art immediately and can prevent your idea from being patented later by third parties. The date and exact content of your publication are stored in our database, published in the EU, and cannot be changed by anyone - not even IP Publisher or you.

What is a technical document?

A technical document describes a technical context. Store your operating instructions, process description or pure invention description up to the documents for the patent application or the already filed documents for a patent application in the database of IP Publisher.

How it works



After registering with IP Publisher, you enter the necessary information about your intellectual property and upload the data intended for publication. Please note: Das Document can then no longer be changed!



A digital fingerprint, a so-called hash, is created from your data and the date using blockchain technology. This chain of numbers and letters is indissolubly linked to other data records. This means that the hash cannot be manipulated.



In the next step, we publish the certified data in the freely accessible IP Publisher database. You will receive the certificate with the hash that proves the publication sent to the email address you provided and stored in your account.

We did it!

Now your intellectual property is published! Why not share this step on social media or make it known to your competitors and customers via your public relations?

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Protection against theft or imitation of your ideas online within minutes.


Publish intellectual property clearly and securely with state-of-the-art blockchain technology.


Public database and personal certificate prove tamper-proof publication verifiable and usable for official and/or legal proceedings.


EU law offers free protection, publication via IP Publisher for a small fee.

Publish intellectual property quickly and tamper-proof.
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