What's behind it?

The idea behind IP Publisher

IP Publisher is a database for the protection of intellectual property based on European law. "IP" stands for "Intellectual Property", the common term in international law for intellectual property.

intellectual property
intellectual property

The idea behind IP Publisher

The idea of a clear, tamper-proof and traceable publication of designs was born out of patent attorney practice: Viele creative small companies develop a large number of seasonal products every year that always have a new design compared to the previous year, even if it is only in the colour scheme.

How can such designs be effectively protected at low cost?

How to protect intellectual property?

In the European Union, protection for designs can be obtained in two different ways

Register protection

Duration of protection

up to 25 years

Scope of protection

Similar designs


Register entry


350,00 € (for 5 years)



Duration of protection

up to 3 years

Scope of protection

Identical designs


Publication in the EU


20,00 € at IPP

In most cases, effective protection of an unregistered Community design fails due to the lack of clear evidence of what was published where and when.

What? Where? When?

This is where IP Publisher comes in.


Creative works, technical innovations, copyright issues. You decide the type, be it one or more image files, a text document or both. You also decide the form, be it professional, high-quality uploads or a quickly shot picture or created document shortly before the start of the trade fair.


In our open database. And that means within the European Union.


Then, when you want it. You can prepare a variety of drafts in your account. Publishing takes place immediately when you release the draft for publication, even if the hash is delivered later with a time delay due to the verification process. This is because your upload is already removed from any manipulative influence when it is released for publication.

Why publish with IP Publisher?


The IP Publisher database is publicly searchable and issues a certificate that can be used in court/patent office, allowing the publication to be admitted as tamper-proof evidence.


Blockchain technology generates a unique and tamper-proof timestamp and content upon publication.


The database and certificate may be used as evidence before patent offices and/or courts with the prospect of consideration.

IP Publisher

Publish ideas cost-effectively and manage them clearly.

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What is blockchain technology all about?

Blockchain is a technology that stores information forever in a decentralised network. Its many computers control each other. This makes it possible to detect manipulation attempts or make them impossible. The information to be secured is stored in blocks. To put it simply, they are created by linking the information with a hash (a long chain of numbers and letters), each of which also contains the hash of the previously stored information. This creates a chain that also cannot be manipulated because the chain would be interrupted if one link were changed.

Can the published data still be changed?

No. Each document receives its own hash when it is transferred to the blockchain. Even if only one space were changed in the text document, the hash of this new document would differ from the previous one. The chain of blocks (blockchain) would be broken. Any independent expert for proceedings before the patent and trade mark offices or the courts can confirm the immutability as admissible evidence.

IP Publisher is short in the market. What would happen to my publications if the company did not last?

In the event that IP Publisher ceases to operate, your publication will not be affected. The generation of the hash takes place outside of and without the influence of IP Publisher. You will receive a certificate that names this public hash, which is independent of the IP Publisher database.

Where can I find out about European intellectual property law?

Das Amt der Europäischen Union für geistiges Eigentum (EUIPO) bietet umfassende Informationen rund um den Schutz geistigen Eigentums, der Registrierungsmöglichkeiten und Recherchen zu bereits eingetragenen Marken und Mustern. https://euipo.europa.eu

How does the necessary publicity for my idea come about?

We give each publication its own number, which enables it to be searched in our freely accessible database.

Publish intellectual property quickly and tamper-proof.
And protect.